3 Benefits of Using Social Media For Marketing – Online Business Ideas

Wonder how  social media sites like facebook, twitter and myspace can contribute to your online business ideas? Ever wonder why are social media sites so popular among webmasters?

This article will show you how these sites can benefit you.

In order to understand why social media is beneficial, let’s take a look at how webmasters view these sites.

A couple of webmasters are individual online marketers. Their motive is to get more sales, exposure and drive traffic to market their website(s). Online marketers spend a lot of time researching and expanding their knowledge to come out with new online business ideas. After countless of trials and error, they have proven that using social media for marketing is the fastest way to drive traffic for profit.

So if you are looking to expand your business online, then your website will need to have traffic. And the best way is to use social media sites.

But how exactly can it benefit your business?

Read the 3 benefits below and see how you add to your online business ideas.

Benefits of using social media for marketing


Firstly, you can communicate with your potential prospects by adding them as friend, interacting with them, sharing ideas and views. This is to build relationship with them and break the ice. It is necessary because it is easier to trust someone you know than to trust strangers who randomly add you and tell you to visit their website. Not to mention that it is rather irritating.

Create identity

By using social media for marketing, you can create business identity for your business too. You can do this by creating Facebook pages. Get your friends to join or like your page. Place your website link to drive traffic.

Create Buzz

By creating business page, and getting your potential prospect to like them, you can create buzz or create viral effects. Ever seen a Facebook page that have over millions of fans? That is exactly what you can do to drive traffic to your site!

I hope you have gained some online business ideas to apply to yours. There are really many ways to profit if you are using social media for marketing. Individual online marketers who are doing it correctly are earning 4 to 5 figures per month. Yes, it is true despite what many thinks it is impossible and fake.

Online Business Ideas for 2012

A large number of online businesses ideas for 2012 are related to jobs related to outsourcing. Some companies have stated that the economy is forcing them to operate with fewer staff to break even. This is only partly true. With fewer employees on the payroll, companies are able to lower their overhead expenses – health insurance, rent for space and so on. They then outsource the work to independent contractors to maintain their production levels. Guess what? Those independent contractors are people just like you, with possibly the same qualifications and experience. So instead of looking for “employment”, you can go into business by yourself as an independent contractor, especially since this kind of business requires little or no initial capital.

I will discuss some of the online businesses ideas for 2012.

• Sales and Marketing: The traditional sales person is a dying breed. Most sales people used to login hundreds or thousands of miles traveled, huge operating costs, and extended periods of time away from their families. With the explosion of the internet, geographical and time related limitations are broken and you can conduct all your business from the comfort of your home. As an independent contractor, you could be selling your own products, or other peoples’ products as an affiliate, or franchise.

• Consulting, teaching, and mentoring: One important resource when considering your choice of online business ideas for 2012 is the knowledge and experience that you have acquired while you were still “employed”. To earn money from this knowledge and experience, you could position yourself on the internet as an expert in your field and consult for various employers. You could teach the same possibly start your own online classes. You could also after starting your own online business become a tutor or mentor to those coming in to the business after you.

• Independent Contracting: Also, with the knowledge and experience gathered in your employment you could actually do the same type of work as when you were employed, For example, as a web developer you could develop and maintain websites for various employers from your own house or office. As a nurse, you could advertise your services online and work with different clients without having an “employer”.

• Online jobs: Or you could just answer one of numerous advertisements that are looking for people to work at home that only require that you have a computer. Examples include medical transcriptionist, customer service representatives, triage nurses and tech support.

Online business ideas for 2012 are many and varied. Your choice of one will depend on what you know, or what you can learn easily.

Home Online Business Ideas

When looking at home online business ideas there are many ways you can begin to earn an income with an online business. In this article we are going to go through two different ideas for creating an online income.

One online business you could create is a niche website. This is where you start a site in a particular field where you have special knowledge in or have a great interest in the subject, you can then increase your knowledge, collect the information, package it, and pass it on to your web visitors in the form of free content and/or products to sell. The secret to this is to create good quality content to give to your visitors, information that is really useful to them, and information that helps them solve a problem. They will then have a reason to keep coming back to your website for the quality information or knowledge you supply.

For ideas on the subject type of your website, research the web look for blogs on the subject that you have an interest in, search forums, and look at the questions people are asking. Do you have the answers? Then create a site to help people with similar problems. You can monetize these sites with ads or products in that particular niche market.

Carry on building your website provide quality content have lots of pages with the answers to the problems people have in the niche that you have chosen. The definition of ‘niche market’ according to wikipedia.org “is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing on: aimed at satisfying specific market needs”. To get visitors to your website you will have to implement traffic strategies to attract your future customers.

Another home online business idea would be to create websites based around eBay.com. There are many people earning a great amount of income online using this method. The idea is to buy discounted products from wholesalers and sell them on eBay for a profit.

To save on time and effort the best method to look for when using eBay to sell products online is to look for a dropshipper who will handle and deliver the products you decide to sell. It is therefore important that you choose a very reliable dropshipper to do the work for you otherwise you will lose your reputation very quickly as eBay relies specifically on your reputation for delivering a quality product on time!

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